TPR8 Series
CNC Pressbrake

A high-performance bending machine from JFY, market leader among Chinese CNC machines. High stability and reliability: Optimized machine body with high rigidity Significantly more dynamic than traditional CNC bending machines, with 25% faster hydraulic axis speed.

TPM8 Series
CNC Pressbrake

TPM8 uses a servo motor instead of an asynchronous motor, retaining the mature and reliable proportional valve control technology. The servo-controlled variable pump technology significantly reduces machine noise, oil temperature and heat. In consequence energy consumption can be lowered by more than 35%.

TPM9 Series
CNC Bending Machine

Premium bending machine, using a high-frequency response proportional valve to ensure maximum stability and high precision during operation. The standard mechanical compensation system solves the influence of ram deformation on the workpiece during bending.


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