BFW VMC’s Delivers Precision, Reliability For Growing Mould Base Business

BFW VMC’s Delivers Precision, Reliability for Growing Mould Base Business
Mould Base Machining

M/s Orange City Alloys Pvt Ltd is one of the leading steel manufacturers and steel suppliers in central India over past four decades. In 2017 company started its mould base business to cater growing tool room activities in India.

The company manufactures steel casting of grade EN8, 40CrMnMo7, P20 etc .These casting blocks are used as a raw material for making mould bases for Aluminium Die Casting and Plastic Industries. These casting in-turn machined on BFW machines in their facility. Another important competitive advantage of Orange City Alloys Pvt ltd is that the casting and mould base machining is in single roof which reduces total time of providing finished mould base to the customer.

After a long purchase research their first choice was BFW vertical machining centres. The company bought BMV70 first BFW machine on March 2017. The market for mould base assemblies is changing. Plastic part makers/die casting part makers are producing increasing varieties of short-run products in all kinds of different sizes, shapes and finish, and every part requiring a custom-made mould bases.

Mr.Hardik Doshi, Director of M/s Orange City Alloys said, “The prime focus and aim of the company is to supply high accurate and high quality mould bases to support tool rooms. The manufacturing tolerances needing to be controlled within ±5 microns and the surface finish value is less than 1.0 Ra. The BFW VMCs are very rigid, precise and reliable that the machining quality and accuracy are at par to meet the standard of the mould base industry. The machining centres have excellent cutting capability with steels has been a real time saver during roughing”

Mould Base machining Requirement:

Good surface finish less than 1.0 Ra

Repeatability/ Accuracy: Within 10 microns

Good material removal rate

Soon after initial purchase within the span of 2 years the company was operating with six BFW VMCs machines naming BMV 70, BMV 60+, Xtron1166 and Xtron 755. He also added, “The mould bases come out with right form, fit and tolerance from the machine after machining. Our customers don’t have to fit them manually. This saves lot of time during assembly. That makes our customer happy which motivates them to give repeat order and business to us”.



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