Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Center

ORION horizontal machining centers are designed and manufactured to deliver excellent machine precision with the use of high precision components and thermo friendly features.

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As channel partners with BFW, Upanal CNC has built a strong relationship and walked through numerous milestones together successfully. The partnership eventually led to the establishment of a joint venture at Peenya Industrial Complex in 2020. One of the main reasons for the strong bonding is the machining solutions provided. The state-of-the-art R&D team develops the best machining solution in the market that is highly recommended by the industrial experts. Upanal’s experienced team at the Peenya Training Center train the operators to constantly upgrade their skills and stay in league with the changing global trends. The facility also offers demonstrations for component testing leading to customer satisfaction. We also offer continued support and service solutions regarding any machinery components and troubleshooting. All the queries are resolved efficiently within a very short span of time, thanks to our strong back-end support system.

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