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JFY is headquartered in Yangzhou, China and has one of the largest manufacturing plants of TRUMPF Group. Since its establishment in 1996, JFY has been among the leading providers of bending and punching

Established in 1996

Why choose Upanal CNC solutions for JFY?

Exclusive partner
for South India

Quick response

Facility for Trial demonstration of components

Engineering support from
a highly advanced and skilled team

Conduction of Training seminars for operators and programmers.

Serving 1200+ consumers spanning across the entire southern part of the country, Upanal CNC Solutions have exclusively partnered with JFY to provide efficient and quick solutions. Backed with an extremely efficient and highly skilled team of engineers, every machinery product and component is built and assembled with careful precision. Hence any queries or concerns from the consumer’s end about the machineries can be handled deftly. We conduct training seminars for operators and programmers constantly to help in upgrading their skills to keep up with the latest innovations globally. Additionally, we also have knowledge-sharing programs to learn about the latest technological trends.

We have exclusive demonstration facilities for the trial and assessment of the machinery components to check the workability and efficiency. Consumers can know their products better even before it reaches the premises. With over 600 AMC, we provide efficient and super-fast solutions to consumers. Our quick response time also enables us to troubleshoot issues and queries faster and better thanks to the 50+ on-field service agents who are active round the clock.

Exclusive partners for
JFY India



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