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success stories

 Great experience with the performance and durability of the CNC machine. The experience became even more pleasant with Upanal CNC solutions and services. 

We commenced our journey in 2013 in Bangalore, Karnataka, with only three employees as a servicing company for CNC machines. Gradually as we progressed in our journey, our customers and associates identified our expertise in handling the products and helped us move into selling end-to-end products that included sales, after sales and annual maintenance support to our customers. Our team of experts ensure that the end-product is delivered with trust and service satisfaction through an all-inclusive product and service offering. Our team’s continuous skill up-gradation has helped us create our own space in the market with the machine, application engineering, annual maintenance contracts, support, and training.

Established companies are becoming our sales partner in marketing and selling our product assures that we made our mark in the industry. Upanal caters to both startups as well as established manufacturing companies.

We believe in hard work and dedication to improving the experience of our customer base. Being one of the top service companies in Bangalore, we have expertise in “CNC machine service.” Over the years, we have earned customers from across the state of Karnataka. We believe in continuous improvement through innovation and gathering feedback from our customers. This enables us to assess our service and offering and helps us cater to our customer’s needs.

While we sold CNC machines and tools, we realized there is a challenge in terms of optimum usage and instant troubleshooting as there is a lack of awareness of the product’s features. When a product is used, there are glitches if the user is unaware of all the features and ways to resolve them. With our exclusive training wing, we have efficiently resolved this.

An experience center for CNC machines and tools is an unheard-of concept, and we have created this to enhance customer experience.

CNC Solution

Sales and Services reconditioning of turning and milling machine

CNC Technologies

Turned As M4S. 

CNC Pvt. Ltd.

Started Metal Forming Industries Solutions Like Laser,Bending and Punching Machines. Global Leader for Machine Tool Trumf Group.JFY Exclusive Dealer for South India .

Value Driven

With a team strength of more than 40 employees, Upanal has already established its footing in the industry with its value-driven approach. Apart from bagging channel partnership contracts with critical players Upanal has also signed a comprehensive annual maintenance contract with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). All of this was possible due to the hard work and dedication of the team and its more than two decades of experience in the field of customer service and support for manufacturing companies.

Core Team

Mr. Arun Upanal

Mr. Arun Upanal, the founder of Upanal CNC Solutions began his professional journey in 2008 as a Service Engineer in BFW. Being a visionary and admirer of technology, he always had that spark to bring innovation wrapped in entrepreneurial flavor. In 2014, he initiated his own venture Upanal CNC Solutions with the fervor to offer a complete product designed and manufactured with expertise and passion. Over the years Upanal CNC Solutions marked its place in the industry as an organization with dedicated and skilled professionals who share the same vision as Mr. Arun Upanal.

Mr. Niranjan

Mr. Niranjan Chidananda, joined Upanal CNC Solutions in 2019 as a director. He shared the same amount of zeal and passion as Mr. Arun Upanal. He joined Upanal with the dream to transform the manufacturing sector of the country with agile machines and innovative solutions. During his initial days, he worked for Amada India Pvt ltd, Galaxy Machinery Pvt. Ltd., and TRUMPF India where he gained considerable knowledge and understanding that helped him gain insight into the challenges common in the manufacturing sector. This helped him sync the requirement with the solution, the final product offered.

Mr. Sushal

Mr. Sushal, a diploma engineer in Mechatronics started his career with HMT as a junior engineer followed by Acumac Machine Tools Pvt Ltd as a Spindle Monitoring In-charge. He joined Upanal CNC Solutions as a Service head in 2015. By 2016, he took over a well-known manufacturing company named Bhagavathi CNC technologies and brought it under the umbrella of Upanal CNC Solutions. It was later renamed as Maschinenbau 4 Solutions LLP (M4S) in 2020. This enhanced the scope and capacity of Upanal CNC Solutions to become a dependable company in the manufacturing sector.

UPANAL Culture
We belive in team work

It is often said that a company's culture is reflected in how it treats its employees. We are a firm believer in teamwork. We believe in nurturing the potential of our employees to ensure individual growth and learning that will contribute to the company's growth.



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