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Machine Tools

For over a year now, the association between Marposs and Upanal CNC has been partnering together and this relation is built exclusively on trust and quality assurance which Marposs has never failed to assure us with. It is common for machineries to have issues anytime, hence the need for constant vigilance. Our super quick and efficient team is ready round the clock to assist in troubleshooting whenever needed. We provide on the job training to the operator and programmer to help them constantly upgrade their skills and bridge the gap.

Rotary Table

Detron is committed to designing and engineering the highest quality NC rotary table products, through the experience, dedication and innovation of our International R & D team. Our mission is to understand and support our customer’s needs with advanced application technology, with a wide range of products, providing optimum performance. Through intelligent design, easy integration to all machine tools is assured.

Rotary Table

DEX has been in business for 40 years and continues to operate. The trust built is due to the reliability provided to the customers. DEX and Upanal CNC began their partnership formally in 2021, and the association is built on trust and quality which DEX has never failed to assure. Dex uses roller camp gear technologies with zero backlashes on rotary tables.

Integrated CAM software

Serving 1200+ consumers spanning across the entire southern part of the country, Upanal CNC Solutions have exclusively partnered with JFY to provide efficient and quick solutions. Backed with an extremely efficient and highly skilled team of engineers, every machinery product and component is built and assembled with careful precision.


Solidcam and Upanal CNC partnered together to create the best solution for multitasking machining needs with the ultimate and most versatile product programming flexibility. The patent machining technology is exclusively available for a demonstration trial if requested by consumers for product functionality assurance. With a 60 day trial period, Solidcam service assistance from Upanal is available 24/7 thus ensuring consumers the best maintenance guarantee.

Authorised Partners


As a trusted name in CNC machinery solutions, we have built a strong network of partnerships with some of the most recognized brands across Karnataka. Our state of art demonstration facility combined with technological implementations ensures the best-in-class support an organization requires.



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